Author Topic: WOODEN HANDCRAFTED PENS  (Read 14969 times)


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« on: December 11, 2006, 11:27:29 PM »

These are the walnut slim-line style ball point pens.

This is the sample of what the Caoba slim line style pen looks like.

This is the sample of what a cigar style pen made of plum wood looks like.

This is what a pecan pen might look like.

Since these are all hand made by an artisan, they will tend to be different from the last one. Not any of them are going to be identical to the pictures, nor will they be identical to each other. These are not "mass produced." Instead, they are all hand made, individually, from blocks of wood. If you have a particular type of wood that you are looking for, please email me, and I'll see if I can get our craftsman to comply.

These hand made pens normally sell from $50 on up. What a bargainfor only $32.95 delivered to your loved one's door.
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