Author Topic: Taylormade R11 Sets Are Designed To Hit Long Distance Shots  (Read 936 times)


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Can you remeber the day you first meet the r11 sets?

The taylormade r11s driver has been launched successfully in the market when TaylorMade Corporation is in the process of introducing and promoting the rescues or the hybrids. Drivers are also known by their old name woods. The name was given to the clubs because previously golf clubs were made from wood and the tradition is still not over. The woods also known as fairway drivers are designed to hit long distance shots.

Honestly taylormade r11 irons use golfing variety locators in order to mark the particular layouts and miles prior to a event starts. Actually utilizing the actual Professional 1600 Ze (Slope Release) as well.

The taylormade r11 driver is the ultimate driver for adjustability. It may not have as many loft/ lie combinations as some of the other drivers out there, but it has more variables to adjust, including heel and toe weighting for a neutral, fade, or draw bias and an adjustable sole plate for the open, neutral, or closed look. TaylorMade claims 100 yards of left to right adjustability.

The r11 driver comes in two different configurations like all TaylorMade drivers, a standard version and a Tour Preferred (TP) model. There is no difference between the heads, however the TP driver has a premium shaft.

By the way, the taylormade r11 fairway wood is available here, too. HAVE FUN!