Author Topic: To Be A Huge Fan Of Titleist 710 MB Irons  (Read 796 times)


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To Be A Huge Fan Of Titleist 710 MB Irons
« on: April 10, 2013, 02:38:14 AM »

How do you feel like the Titleist?

The titleist 710 mb is a Titleist’s new muscle back blade design that appears to have mass reduced below the top line and repositioned closer to the sole. This appears to be an attempt to make it a more user friendly design with a more forgiveness in the hitting zone and perhaps even a slightly higher ball flight.

The titleist mb 710 irons are no different. I immediately fell in love with these clubs because of the extremely thin top line, small club heads, and gorgeous chrome. There is not a lot of paint or wording on these irons which I believe makes them look even better. I am a huge fan of these clubs, and there is no reason not to be. Looks of the Titleist 710 MB are rated at an 11/10. Yeah, they are that nice.

The titleist 910f must be fitted, unless you know a lot about your game and swing to make the adjustments yourself. Once these fairway woods are adjusted properly, you will find they do provide a better feel than any of the other fairway woods Titleist sells.

The titleist 910f fairway wood allows players to really shape their shots. The smaller clubface makes the club a little less forgiving than some other clubs on the market. However, the adjusting features allow you to really pinpoint any desired distance gaps for a 15 degree fairway wood.

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