Author Topic: Mizuno MP58 Irons Can Make Perfect Sense When You Play Them  (Read 980 times)


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Mizuno MP58 Irons Can Make Perfect Sense When You Play Them
« on: April 09, 2013, 06:42:56 AM »

The biggest question that remains, though, is whether the mizuno mp58 can give you the playability that a one-piece forged muscleback does? Sure, I was a previous Mizuno owner but I currently sport the Titleist 695 MBs. Taking them out side by side was the best and most sure way of answering that question. So what was the result? Read on to find out.

While they don't have the meaty feel of the MP-62 or the buttery soft contact of the MP-68, the mizuno mp 58 irons are so close it's not funny. Yes, there is always going to be a difference with a cavity versus a blade but this is reduced to a level that even the blade snobs will have to at least consider these. The real difference is how these feel on mishits.

The mizuno mp58 make perfect sense when you play them. They hit the ball slightly higher than their stablemates the 68's and 62's and are noticeably more forgiving without having much more offset or a thicker sole. That tiny amount that you give up in feel you more than make up in performance.

The mizuno mp57 is yet another forged iron in the Mizuno line. But just because there's a lot of them, doesn't mean that Mizuno values quantity over quality--quite the opposite, in fact. Unlike previous models, the Mizuno MP 57 is the first ever full cavity MP iron.

Also incorporated into the mizuno mp 57 irons is the Cut Muscle design which provides what Mizuno describer as the "ideal center of gravity (COG) location, perfect trajectory, enhanced solid feel, and complete ball control." Toss in the reinforcing muscle pad to give you additional feel and you get one very impressive forgiving iron.

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