Author Topic: Mizuno MP 68 Irons Made The MP Series Look Gorgeous  (Read 1056 times)


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Mizuno MP 68 Irons Made The MP Series Look Gorgeous
« on: December 08, 2012, 08:18:29 AM »

The Mizuno MP-68s don’t feel like the longest iron on the market but at this level of play, distance is not a problem. Let's check it out together.

The mizuno mp 68 Irons have been designed to replace the Mizuno MP-67 irons and are aimed at the very best golfers out there. Using research from their tour players, Mizuno have modeled the MP-68 on the classic MP-33 iron, which was universally agreed to be the best performing and most solid iron of recent times.

Their first move was to get rid of the Mizuno MP-67 and design a new club called the mizuno mp 68 irons. Engineers first took the very best elements of the club's predecessors, identified any flaws, ironed them out, added new technology and finally made it look gorgeous.

The mizuno mp-68 irons 3-9p with revolutionary Dual Muscle Titanium Technology. During the complex grain flow forging process, a high-tech titanium metal is forged into the outer muscle of the iron, which not only delivers the feel, workability and shape every MP player desires, but also takes playability in an MP iron to a whole new technological level.

In addition the sole of the individual mizuno mp 68 irons feature a rolled leading edge and trailing edge for better turf interaction and a flattened mid-sole enables more precise ball striking. A shorter hosel has created a centre of gravity that contributes to a penetrating, workable ball flight that the neutral bias allows you to work left or right.

If you want to buy mizuno mp-68 irons, here you come to the right place. Have fun!