Author Topic: PING Putters Give The Right Swing To You  (Read 948 times)


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PING Putters Give The Right Swing To You
« on: December 08, 2012, 08:14:53 AM »

The PING putter may look crazy but one must attempt to see the looks much beyond.

Ping anser putters were unique as they give a splendid feel to the golfers ready to put. It has a specially designed cavity and low centre of gravity. These properties of the ping putters give a confident feel to the golfer who has aligned the ball well on the line of putt and ready to give a swing.

While considering the merits of these ping putters for sale, one would be interested to know that this putter is very easy to align along the line of the putt and thus, is known to prevent the ball to jump on the line of putt despite being struck off centre.

Compared to the other highly technologically superior and sophisticated putters, Ping Anser putters are indeed an answer to the tricky challenges of putting. These putters on the ping putters australia are non glossy and thus, do not distract the golfer who is ready to give the right swing.

The latest is the Ping G2i series with distinctive blue insert cavity face, which chairman John Solheim claims creates a softer feel. This model of the putter has an insert made up of polypurfelane material that is wedged between the multilayers of the putter head. The ping putters on tour have input from perimeter weighing that allows a higher feel in the putter.

The new Ping putters, appropriately named after the Mandarin Chinese word for‘friend’, include a continuous curve on the flange and a sight line on the top of the clubhead to line up your putts.

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